Te compartimos el CV de otra de nuestras expositoras en Sports Medicine Seminar.

Sarah Puchalski, DVM, DACVR
Sarah hails from Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada. She has a bachelor of science degree
from Simon Fraser University in B.C. and graduated veterinary school in 1999 from the
University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Following veterinary school she completed a 2 year
program (internship/ residency) in Field Service and Sports Medicine at New Bolton Center, the
large animal hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She then pursued further training in
diagnostic imaging at the University of California, Davis completing a 4 year residency in 2005.
She attained board certification by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 2004.
Upon completion of her residency, she obtained a faculty position in the Department of Surgical
and Radiological Sciences at the University of California, Davis earning tenure in 2012. During
that time she was actively involved in didactic and clinical teaching, research and clinical
diagnostic imaging. She has authored or co-authored more than 40 scientific articles and multiple
book chapters relating to diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine.
In 2013, Sarah left the University to build a diagnostic imaging consulting business. Currently
she reads MRI, CT, nuclear scintigraphy and radiographs for clinics around the world with clients
in the USA and Canada, Australia, continental Europe and the UK. She is based in Wellington,
Florida during the Winter Equestrian Festival at Palm Beach Equine Clinic where she is
responsible for the interpretation of imaging studies on equine athletes competing during the
winter season. During the remainder of the year she is based in Petaluma, California at Circle
Oak Equine. Sarah is an avid show jumper competing in the amateur owner divisions in
Wellington and Northern California.
Sarah Puchalski graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999, going on to an
internship in Equine Field Service and Sports Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania’s
New Bolton Center (1999-2001) and then a residency in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of
California, Davis (2001-2005). She attained board certification in 2004. Dr. Puchalski was a
member of the faculty in Diagnostic Imaging at UC Davis from 2005 until 2013 earning tenure in
2012. She left the University to build a diagnostic imaging consulting business in 2013. Dr.
Puchalski provides image interpretation services to clinics in North America, Europe, the U.K,
Australia and Africa. She is currently based at Circle Oak Equine Sports Medicine in Petaluma,
California and Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, Florida for the Winter Equestrian
Festival. She is an avid show jumper.